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All the 3 years Engg. Diploma Programm run under Semester System Pattern.

Final Exams are conducted by board of Technical Education U.P. Lucknow according to Semester System generally in month of December & May

Teaching method

Teching methodology includes class room teaching, Practical Lab Sessions, Field Exposure, Industrial Tour, Seminar, Project Work & Expert Lecture.

Sessional Exam & Assignment

Three Sessional Exams Each Semester & Five Assignments are given to students to test & develop skill of subject.

Attendance Requirement

80% attendance is must in all subjects (Attendance Through Biometric System).

OUR Infrastructure

We have a dedicated staff to inhanse the quality education.


The institution is having 53.33 Acre Campus with Modern facilities.

Building Lab's Workshop Library Seminar
3 Academic Buildings (Main Building, New Institute Building, STS Building and IT Building) 4 Labs in Civil Engg.
3 Labs in Electrical Engg.
3 Labs in Mechanical Engg. (Production)
1 Lab in Electronics
2 Lab in Computer
1 Language Lab
Separate workshop Building having different shops
(Carpentry Shop, Machine Shop, Fitting Shop, Foundry Shop, Sheet Metal & Smithy Shop, Welding Shop, Plumbing & Painting Shop)
Institution is having a good library. One Virtual Class room
Badminton Court Table Tennis Playground
Available Available Two Big Playgrounds are available
Non Academic
Boys Hostel Girls Hostel Guest House Dispensary Canteen Staff Residences NCC Block
Two Nos. With capacity 60 & 60 each One Nos. 60 capacity & one is Under Construction One No. (A.C.) Available Available Available (Principal Residence 01 Nos., Type 4 - 05 Nos., Type 3 - 07 Nos., Type 2 - 04 Nos., Type 1 - 05 Nos. Warden Residence -01 Nos Available

OUR Course and Result

We have a dedicated staff to inhanse the quality education.


Regular 3 years Diploma Engg. Courses

Sl.No. Branch Present Intake Admission Qualification
1 Civil Engg. 60 Minimum Qualification is High School with Science & Math
2 Electrical Engg. 60
3 Mechanical Engg. (Production) 60
4 Electronics Engg. 60
5 Information Technology 60

Final Year Result :

Sl.No. Course Year 2019-20
1 Civil Engg. 100%
2 Electrical Engg. 100%
3 Mechanical Engg. 100%
4 Electronics Engg. 100%
5 Information Technology 100%

OUR Faculty And Staff

We have a dedicated staff to inhanse the quality education.

OUR Faculty And Staff

Name Designation Department
Shri Bijendra kumar Principal -
Shri XYZ Lecturer Civil Engg.
Shri XYZ Lecturer Mechanical Engg.

Admission Details

Admission are offered through an Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) that is conducted by Joint Entrance Examination Council, Lucknow. Admission forms are available in all polytechnics typically from 15th December to 15th January every year. Joint Entrance Exam is normally conducted on last Sunday of April.

Our admission fee details

SL.No. Details Ist Year IInd & IIIrd Year
1 Tuition Fee Rs. 8000 Rs. 8000
2 PLA Etc. Rs. 2370 Rs. 2170
3 Exam Rs. 840 Rs. 840
4 Insurance Fees Rs. 96 Rs. 0
Total Without Hostel Rs. 11306 Rs. 11010
5 Hostel Fees Rs. 2300 Rs. 2100
Total with Hostel Rs. 13606 Rs. 13110

Our Placement

Placement Cell is an integral part of the institute. The institute has provided complete infrastructure for effective functioning of the cell. Training activities are organized throughout the year in an effort towards preparing the prospective students for the campus selection programmes. The cell keeps on inviting various industries and reputed firms for campus recruitment.ObjectiveThe primary objective is to enhance the skills, knowledge and abilities of every individual and in the process match the skills required by the industries to make them employable. The goal of the cell is to develop the students according to the need of the various industries and to ensure that every student is suitably placed and secures a job appropriate to his or her qualification before graduating from the college. We are endeavoring to fulfill this ambition through the whole hearted support from the faculty, staff, students and the management.
Here more than 60 Companies visited every year and placed the student on an average of 2.0 Lac CTC:

Our Placement Details

Branches No. of Students 2018-19 Passed 2018-19
CIVIL 62 62

Community Development Scheme


The objectives of Skill Development Training Programmes are broadly as Follows:

  • Providing basic skills, knowledge and attitudes for self/wage employment to intended beneficiaries in their own villages/communities or nearby areas
  • Imparting entrepreneurial skills for initiating micro/tiny enterprises especially for the rural youth and community.
  • Offering skill up-gradation programs in their own fields, or for adoption of appropriate technologies for enhancing their employment prospects e.g. masons may be trained for construction of bio-gas plants, low cost latrines, water storage tanks, ferro-cement articles; blacksmith may be trained in welding, fabrication, etc.
  • Identifying and conducting special skill training programs for Women, SCs/STs, OBCs, minorities, school dropouts, street children, physically handicapped, economically weaker sections of the society and other under-privileged persons
  • Special training programs on health and hygiene, sanitation and mechanization of sanitary services and skill programs pertaining to liberation and rehabilitation of scavengers may be organized.

Community Development Scheme Through Polytechnic (Govt. Of India Scheme)

Executive Committee

1 Principal/Director of the Project Implimenting Institution. Chairman
2 Two representatives of the Faculty. Member
3 Two representatives of the Village Panchayt/Panchayt Samiti/Zila Prishad for the Extention Center. Member
4 One representative og NGOs/Retired Professional. Member
5 One Principal/Director/Internal Coordinator from nearby Project implimenting institution. Member
6 Community Development Consultant. Member
7 Internal Coordinator of the project Implimenting Institution. Member Secretary


Sl No. Course Name No. Of Trainee Course Duration
1 Electrician 30 Six Months
2 Fabrication (Arc Welding) 30 Six Months
3 Carpentry & Furniture Making 30 Six Months
4 Jewelry Making 30 Six Months
5 Plumbing and Sanitary Work 30 Six Months
6 Computer Application & Programming 30 Six Months
7 Garment & Dress Making 30 Six Months
8 Fasion Design & Embroidery 30 Six Months
9 House Wiring 30 Six Months
10 Computer Data Entry 30 Six Months
11 Cutting & Tailoring 30 Six Months
Sl No. Name of Centre Whether at new place or at the same old place of the privious year Name of Trade/Training Course
1 Kalwari,Ghatampur New 1.Garment & Dress Making
2 Reksha Khurd,Patehara Kala, Ghatampur. New 2. House Wiring
3. Fasion Design & Embroidery
3 Kangal Padara, Ghatampur New 4.Cutting & Tailoring
4 Shuklaha, Ghatampur New 5.Garment & Dress Making
5 Khamariya, Ghatampur New 6. Data Entry Operator
6 Majhigawa, Ghatampur New 7. Carpet cum Kalin Waving
7 Mahuwariya, Ghatampur New 8.Fasion Design & Embroidery

Alumini Association

Our objective is to establish good interaction between current and ex-students. This will help them to exchange relevant information of mutual interest like projects, workshops, seminars, research, training, job opportunities, technical and personal interaction. One of our main purposes is to guide our students in their future endeavors and more importantly create a favorable atmosphere.

Objectives :

  1. Promote interaction among Alumni members and between alumni and college.
  2. To encourage, promote education, research and other activities in college.
  3. To take help of alumni in our profession.
  4. To take part in seminars, technical events etc and encourage and guide students.
  5. To create and be a part of strong network of Alumni.
  6. To participate in programs conducted in college and also organize programs.
  7. To publish newsletter and articles
  8. To establish, control and manage chapters of alumni in India and elsewhere.
  9. To access association’s database.
  10. To help students in placement.
  11. To provide financial assistance to students in form of scholarship.
  12. To help students to create live projects.
  13. Financially support alumni with contribution.
  14. To uplift the college.

Expectations from Members :

  1. Work with Alumni and provide executive oversight for all alumni programs.
  2. Identify and meets the need of Alumni.
  3. Meet with administration, faculty and student and informed them about general welfare issues & important issues of professional life.
  4. Monitor, encourage and support activities of Alumni.
  5. Financial support.

Click here to Fill Alumini Form

Student Welfare Scheme

Fee Reimbursement :

Tuition Fee is fully reimbursed to the students belonging to families having annual income below 2 Lac. All eligible candidates can fill the Application Form available in institute office free of cost. Please see UP Government scholarship management system website for more details.

Grievance Details

A “Grievance / Complaint” plateform

Grievance/Complaint’ - A “Grievance/Complaint” is defined as any communication that expresses dissatisfaction about an action or lack of action, about the standard of service/deficiency of service of an institute and the complainant asks for remedial action. Grievance Redress - Grievance Redress Mechanism is part and parcel of the machinery of any administration. No administration can claim to be accountable, responsive and user-friendly unless it has established an efficient and effective grievance redress mechanism. In fact, the grievance redress mechanism of an organization is the gauge to measure its efficiency and effectiveness as it provides important feedback on the working of the administration..

Our Grievance Cell Committee

Shri. Brijesh Yadav (H.O.D. Electrical Engg.) President
Dr. XYZ(Leacturer Physics) Member
Shri. XYZ(Leacturer Mechinical Engg.) Member
Shri. XYZ(Instructor Workshop) Member
Grievance Form

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